3 situations that call for a heat gun in your auto shop

Every auto shop manager or owner knows the importance of having the right tools for the job. While you want the best auto shop tools out there, it's always convenient when you have a tool that has many uses. A single-use tool may only be needed every so often. Most of the time, it takes up space in your toolbox or on your pegboard. But a highly versatile tool will prove its value over and over again.

One such item is a heat gun. Professionals can trust that a high-quality heat gun will perform correctly every time, keep a consistent temperature and encourage safe and easy operation. How versatile is a heat gun to your auto shop? Here are three scenarios that'll have you reaching for your trusty heat gun:

1. A small-business owner wants to customize her car

Wrapping cars is a way to demonstrate personal style, update a boring monochromatic vehicle or brand a company truck. However, getting the wrap to adhere to the surface of the car with no imperfections, bubbles or burned areas can be tricky when using a torch or outdated heat gun. A model such as the Surface Temperature Control Heat Gun lets the user keep a watchful eye on the temperature of the heat to prevent damaging burns due to overheating, or an unfinished wrap job due to underheating.

2. A luxury car enthusiast has a tear in his leather seat

When collecting luxury cars is your hobby, you want to make sure each model you invest in is kept in top condition. If there's an imperfection in the leather seat, it detracts from the overall appearance of the vehicle. It could also get worse if not immediately addressed. Luckily, a heat gun, some heat-activated glue and a carefully cut leather patch can easily fix that tear. But considering a luxury car may be your customer's most valued possession, it's important to take the utmost care in your repair job. Using a heat gun that allows you to precisely control the temperature, such as the ProHeat 1400 LCD Dial-in Heat Gun & Kit, is ideal in this type of job.

3. A fender bender sends you a new customer and a dented bumper

A small accident typically won't leave any drivers injured, but their cars might sustain a dent or two. While a bruised bumper doesn't detract from the operation of a car, it's still an imperfection many drivers want to remedy. The right heat gun can take care of this problem quickly and easily. To mold a mildly contorted bumper back into shape, use a handheld heat gun, such as the Proheat 1000 Quick-Touch Heat Gun, which is lightweight and compact. Aim the heat at the dented area of the bumper, then use your hands to push out the dent.

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