3 Unusual Heat Gun Uses

Your heat gun has earned its place in your tool box as one of the most useful and versatile power tools. Its most helpful uses include adhesive removal, desoldering, and heat shrinking. When thinking outside the box, you may discover your heat gun has more uses than you think-from molding to waxing your snow board. Below are the top unusual uses for your heat gun. Be sure to use proper safety equipment when attempting any of the uses listed.

Top 3 Unusual Heat Gun Uses

Molding Skates:

Skates that are constructed using a carbon fiber composite material can be heated and molded for a better fit. Check with the manufacturer to ensure the skates can be molded using heat before attempting.

Making Candles:

After pouring way into jars for candles, sometimes bubbling, nicks, and other imperfections can appear on the surface. To smooth out the imperfections apply low heat to the wax and allow the imperfections to literally melt away.

Wax Your Snowboard:

Properly applying wax to a set of skis or a snowboard can really affect their performance. To check the wax application, use a heat gun to gently heat the surface. This will allow old wax to appear. Remove the old wax and apply a new coat. Use your heat gun to ensure the wax is evenly applied and the surface coat is smoothed out.

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