4 summer chores that take less time with a heat gun

Heat guns can be incredibly handy to have around the house. Check out these four summer chores that are much easier with a heat gun:

1. Paint removal

Tired of looking at the sun-damaged paint on your house, garage or shed? Want to apply a fresh coat before autumn? One of the most popular uses of a heat gun is stripping old paint. The warmth softens up the paint, making it easier to scrape away from its surface.

To begin, direct the heat toward the paint you want to remove. Keep the heat gun moving so as to not burn the wood underneath. Use a paint scraper to remove the old paint while it's still warm and malleable.

A Master Appliance heat gun can make paint removal simpler.Remove old paint easier with a heat gun.

2. Roofing

Summer is a great time to inspect your roof for damage. Broken, curling or peeling shingles should be repaired or replaced. If a curling single can be smoothed out, it may be able to last a few more seasons. A heat gun can warm up the shingle so that it can easily be straightened out and nailed down.

On the other hand, if shingles need to be removed, a heat gun can simplify the task. Warming them up with a heat gun can make them easier to remove. Don't wait until fall. Shingles become brittle in cold weather and can break easily.

3. Removing tile

Retiling a concrete floor is never a simple task, but a heat gun take the stress out of this home improvement project. Use a heat gun to soften the adhesive beneath your old tiles, then take a putty knife to the edges of the tiles to pry them up.

4. Replacing glass putty

Replacing glazing putty on windows every so often helps maintain a draft-free home. Before replacing the putty, however, you'll need to remove the old stuff. Heat guns can also soften the putty that insulates window panes. Then, using a putty knife, you can scrape away the old material and apply the new glazing compound.

Make sure you're using the right heat gun for your home improvement projects. Master Appliance has a wide range of heat guns, so shop our selection today.

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