5 Easy and Fun Crafts with a Glue Gun

Glue guns are a hobbyist’s best friend and a secret weapon. They help bind materials together that would otherwise be such a pain that it would be nearly impossible to achieve. Really, try attaching hundreds of strips of cut out of magazines to a surface using regular glue without, 1) failing miserably, and 2) using 300 tubes/bottles.

Check out these 5 new crafts that anyone can do with a glue gun.

cut out collage is a great and creative way to make a unique piece of art; In this case, a bear. But really it could be any animal/design/shape/etc. Trace around the shape you are using, assemble the inside by cutting strips of magazines, hot glue them in place, mount. Instant art!

Try making a sweater cuff bracelet. What you need is some old (and soft) sweater material, a bangle, and a glue gun. Cut the sweater leaving just enough material to cover the shape, glue in place, and start adding them to your families gift wish because they’ll all want one.

Are you a wine connoisseur? Then start saving those corks (or get them from a hobby store). You can make a very impressive piece of art using old corks and a glue gun. For this example, we’ll say you are making a letter. Have the letter cut out on some wood, glue the corks around the letter vertically, hang in kitchen. Voila!

This one is super easy and would be a perfect gift for a younger person in your family. Grab a bunch of bobby pins, some old buttons you may have around, slip some paper in between the pins so you don’t glue them together, and you just turned a boring bobby pin into a designer hair piece.

This last one is not for use with any glue gun that you may want to reuse right away: crayon art! Glue gun + crayons + canvas = one of a kind art piece. Honestly, you could probably make a living selling these at craft shows if you had enough resources. Let us know if you do.

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