Basic Safety Tips for Using your Master Heat Gun

When you are working with any kind of tools, the most important thing is that you take all of the necessary steps to maintaining your safety. When using a tool, such as an electric heat gun, you never want to put yourself or another person at risk for being injured. The highest temperature a heat gun can reach is 1,100 degrees.

Since the heat gun can reach that high of a temperature, it is highly important that safety precautions are taken. If someone comes close to the heat gun and is burned, that person is likely to suffer from some third degree burns. It is vital that you properly use the heat gun so you can avoid any unfortunate injuries or fires.

Where Should You Use an Electric Heat Gun?

The area that you will be using the electric heat gun should have a well-ventilated environment. If you are using the electric heat gun for a project that doesn’t necessarily need to be done indoors, it will be best if you can take the project outdoors. Since it is likely that there will be fumes in the air, you should wear a mask to prevent the inhaling of the fumes.

What to Wear

When you are operating an electric heat gun, it is a good idea to wear safety goggles so your eyes will be protected. You don’t want any of the harmful chemicals to get on your hand, especially if you are going to be removing paint from walls. To avoid getting any glue or any chemicals on your hand, you should wear gloves that are tough and resistant to any kind of chemicals.

Protect Your Hair

Depending on the style of your hair and the length, you should take the necessary steps to avoid hair being caught on fire. You can put a hair cap or a hat over your head to avoid an unfortunate mishap.

Whatever project you are working on, you should never hold the heat gun to a specific area for a prolonged period of time. It is best to point the heat gun at the certain spot for about ten seconds. It is best to have an extinguisher nearby, just to be on the safe side. If you have children, make sure they are no where near your location.

If you are preparing for a new project and you need an electric heat gun, contact us. We can also provide assistance on the type of heat gun you will need, as well as helpful tips for safety.

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