Custom Packaging Using a Heat Gun

If your business has created a new product that requires custom packaging, you may find that creating the packaging with dense foam and a heat gun is the best solution.

This process is used to develop custom foam shipping packaging for sensitive medical equipment, cell phones, electronics, small appliances, aerospace hardware and a plethora of other items. Consider how many times you have opened a box containing a product and found it embedded in foam to prevent shipping damage.

This helps fragile and valuable items during their shipping and handling process.

Using Foam to Ship:

First, the packaging can be purchased in large or small sheets from a foam distributor, so that your product fits securely inside a cut-out in a piece of foam sized to fit inside your shipping box. For larger products, you may require a custom foam shipping container that has foam compartments on the bottom, sides or even the top.

The pieces of foam for the prototype are then bonded together by slightly melting the dense foam with a heat gun, such as a Proheat from Master Appliance, and touching the pieces together momentarily until a secure bond is created.

This bond, which quickly cools, is secure and will hold your product through the bangs and bounces that may occur in shipping.

Whether you manufacture this type of custom packaging or want to develop the ability to produce custom foam packaging in-house, Master Appliance can provide the right heat guns for your requirements.

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