Heat Gun Uses: Everyday and Unique Heat Gun Applications

Master Appliance heat guns are the Swiss-Army Knives of electric tools. Heat gun uses are unlimited, but to demonstrate how multitalented heat guns are, we compiled a list some of our favorite heat gun uses.

Typical Heat Gun Uses by Industry


  • Paint stripping – When your wood’s paint job has seen better days, heat guns are great alternatives to using harsh chemicals to remove the paint. For more detailed instructions, visit our blog on using a heat gun for paint removal.
  • Soften tile for easy cutting and forming – By running a heat gun on the backside of a vinyl tile, cutting and shaping the tile becomes a breeze.
  • Drying paint or wet wood –The saying “time is money” couldn’t be truer. There is no reason to watch the paint dry with a heat gun present.
  • Shaping and molding PVC – When you need to make PVC pliable, a heat gun does the job beautifully.Loosen rusty bolts – Heat gun uses make our lives easier, and this application is no exception. Hot air is a miracle worker when it comes to rusty screw connections you can’t get undone.


  • Shrink wrapping – Industrial heat guns have the power to shrink wrap a magnitude of products: gift baskets, pallets and more. Even boat lovers use heat guns to shrink wrap and winterize their boats.
  • Remove old labeling –


  • Fabricating interior panels – Often, Master Appliance heat guns are used during construction of airplane wings. Here you can see Monokote material being applied to an airplane wing with a Master Appliance heat gun.

Laboratories and Hospitals

  • Heating liquids and gases – More great heat gun uses for laboratories include using the heat gun to create controlled and precise temperatures when heating gases and liquids.


  • Removing wrinkles and repairing tears in vinyl and leather-Heat guns work wonders in repairing automotive upholstery. After watching this short video on vinyl repair with a heat gun, you, too can make vinyl repairs.
  • Soften adhesives and remove decals– Perhaps you have a car that sports a decal that your not a fan of. Heat guns make removal of decals and stickers a cinch. Note: It’s also great at reversing and softening Liquid Nails.
  • Apply or remove window tint – Use a heat gun to shrink tinting film evenly around the glass of your car.
  • Restore faded plastics –Bring new life to old car parts like bumpers and door strips by quickly passing a heat gun over them.

There you have it: a short, but by no means complete list of the heat gun’s capabilities.

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