Heat Tool Applications: DIY Car Care and Window Tinting

Did you know there are also heat tool applicationsĀ that you can use to repair or fancy up your car? With a simple heat gun, you can restore dull trim to its original high gloss shine and do your own professional window tinting. Both of these will save you a lot of money while you do a fun weekend project.

Restoring trim

You know that black trim along the bumper, tire well, and other places around a car that were once black, but are now a sad, dulled grey? Those can be restored to their former glory with a heat gun very simply in two steps.

  1. First, you need to prep the surface by cleaning the dust and dirt off it.
  2. Then, set your heat gun to a medium heat, and start moving it back and forth along the surface. You’ll watch it the dull surface reclaim that wonderful shine.

If you are using thisĀ heat tool applicationĀ on the dash, be careful to either turn down the heat or hold the gun away from the dash until you know it’s not going to soften and warp due to too much heat.

Window tinting

Window tinting is, essentially, heat shrinking the tint film so it adheres to the window. To do this, you’ll need tint, a smoothing tool, a heat gun, a steady hand, and some patience. Start off with a clean glass by cleaning the glass, then get ready to have some fun!

  1. Lay out your window tint cut it so it is a little bit larger than your window. You will cut away the excess, so having more is better than not having enough.
  2. Then, apply the application solution that comes with the tint, put your film up onto the window, and smooth it flat.
  3. Finally, use your heat gun to shrink it down firmly, smoothing again as you go.
  4. Trim the excess, and you’re done!

Need some advice on which heating tool is best for the job, or want to know if a tip will help you get these jobs done quicker?Ā Drop usĀ a note, and we’ll help you find the right tools for the job.

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