Heat Tool Applications: DIY Paint Repairs

Do you need a heat gun when you have a hair dryer? After all, a heat gun is just a more heavy duty hair dryer, right? Actually, no it’s not.  The hair dryer is used for just the hair, but the heat gun is so versatile. There are dozens of heat tool applications you can use around the house for some Do-It-Yourself fun and home repair.

Paint drying

If you’ve ever had an incident where you finished painting something and then stuck your hand in it, this two-step technique is for you. It also works if you like painting in layers, but don’t have the time to wait on drying time.

After you get done painting a layer or section:

  1. Take your heat gun and set it to low.
  2. Then, gently move the heat gun from side to side or in small circles around the area you need dried quickly.

The reason for the movement is so you can make sure that the drying application covers the entire area evenly and minimizes ripples from forming if the paint moves.

This process should take only a few minutes versus waiting a few hours for the paint to dry. You can also use the heat gun between every layer and application, and there will be no ill effects.

Paint stripping

Didn’t like what you just did? A fly get stuck in the paint before you got your heat gun from the cabinet? You can fix it! Simply turn the heat gun’s setting onto high and follow the same steps. If the temperature is high enough, the paint will bubble and begin to melt, and then run. It’s a lot safer than using paint thinners, and smells better too.

You can also use this to remove lacquer and paint from furniture and other woodwork and prepare it for restoration. When the paint is old and flaking, the flakes will come off with a scraper, and then you can follow up with those stubborn parts with your handy heat gun.

Interested in either of these techniques? We can help you find the right heat gun for the job.

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