How to ensure a good customer experience in your vinyl wrap business


If there’s one thing nearly every business has in common, it’s a need to provide a satisfying customer experience. Whether this is achieved through good customer service, high-quality products or fast turnaround times, every accomplished business should have happy customers. According to a Forrester survey, 72 percent of companies polled said¬†their top priority is to improve customer experience.

There’s no one right way to do this. It all depends on your business, your customers and the services or products you provide. There are multiple tactics a company can benefit from when working to enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

The following strategies can help vinyl wrap businesses improve their customer experience:

Explain the process

Good communication fosters trust. Make sure your clients understand your whole process before you get started, leaving nothing out. Begin every project with a clear timeline for completion. Explain when customers can expect to see your designs, when you’ll start applying vinyl to their vehicles and what day they can retrieve the finished products.

Include specifics about the materials you’re using. A vinyl wrap is a big investment, and customers will like reassurance that their vinyl wrap is high quality and durable. Riveting Wraps suggested that customers ask vinyl wrap companies about the type of vinyl used and their lamination practices before agreeing to a contract. That said, you don’t have to wait for customers to ask these questions. Feel free to provide this information up front.

A man in an auto shop speaks with his client.Explaining your vinyl wrap process to your customers can help them feel comfortable with your company.

Use high-quality tools

Your customer’s car, truck or van is a prized possession. They’re seeking a vinyl wrap either to enhance the vehicle’s appearance or perhaps as advertising for their business. Whatever the reason for investing in a vinyl wrap, your customers probably feel anxious about leaving their vehicles in your hands.

Put their minds to ease by using high-quality tools. One of the most important tools when applying a vinyl wrap is the heat source, and which one you choose can make a big difference. Many companies use a torch to apply the vinyl. Even though your technicians might be thoroughly trained with this tool, the sight of an open flame near your customers’ vehicles might not send the right message.

And no matter how skilled you or your employees might be with their torches, there are some inherent dangers with using one. It’s difficult to keep track of the surface temperature of the car with just a torch. This is important to keep in mind while ensuring vinyl achieves proper adherence but doesn’t overheat. It’s also challenging to know precisely where the heat is hitting the vehicle.

By using a heat gun like the Proheat STC Heat Gun from Master Appliance, you can have total control over the temperature and direction of the heat. A laser guide shows you exactly where you’re aiming the gun, allowing you to thoroughly warm¬†all parts of the vinyl without going back over previously adhered areas too many times. Additionally, a built-in thermometer tells you the temperature of the surface of the car as well as your target temperature to ensure you’re applying the right amount of heat to the wrap.

In addition to the benefits to your business, when your customer sees you using a high-tech, professional-looking tool that doesn’t involve an open flame, they’re likely to feel confident in your process.

Follow up after completing the project

Every first-time customer has the potential to be a repeat client and a source for referrals. Nurture this potential relationship by showing that you value their business. One way to do this is by following up with them after the project is completed and they’ve taken their vehicle home with them.

Send an email or make a quick call to ask how they like the wrap. Find out if they have any questions or concerns about the design, application or quality of your vinyl wrap. Customer feedback can help you improve your process. If they have a very positive reaction, invite them to share photos of their wrapped vehicle on social media. This may help spread awareness of your company and encourage more leads to come your way.

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