How to Extend the Life of Your Heat Gun

Heat guns make a great addition to any toolbox due to their versatility of use. By taking care of your heat gun and performing regular maintenance checks, you can extend the life of your gun. To ensure your heat gun runs at optimum performance, check out the tips below.

How to Extend the Life of Your Heat Gun

Visual Inspection: Always preform a visual inspection of your heat gun before and after use. Check the power cord to ensure the insulation is in good condition and there are no breaks or tears on the surface. Severely kinked electrical line can be a sign of trouble, always make sure when storing your gun the power cord is wrapped up carefully. Make sure the housing around the gun isn’t cracked or broken, this can cause heat to escape from the element.

Proper Use: Never run your heat gun too close to the material being heated, this can cause the heating element to burn out prematurely. When setting your heat gun down after use, always use the proper stand to prevent damage to the gun, burns, or other hazards. Brushes within the gun should periodically be checked for wear, when worn replacement is necessary. When using your heat gun in a dusty area, clean the gun periodically during use and after work is completed with compressed air. After use, switch the gun to “cool” to aid the gun in cooling off before storage. Never allow water to come in contact with the heating element. Only use gentle household detergents and water to clean the gun’s casing.

Proper Storage: When finished using your gun, make sure to store it after it cools in a dry place to prevent corrosion. Make sure your gun is stored in a place where it will not be dropped or bumped, this can cause damage to heating elements.

If your gun is not heating up to the proper temperature, it may be time for replacement or service. After approximately 400 hours of use, your heat gun may need servicing to ensure it is working up to spec.

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