How to shop for the right industrial heat blower

A portable heat blower can help you accomplish a variety of tasks quickly and easily, making it a valuable addition to any business.

But when you're picking out your electric heat blower, shop around for the right model for your application. Begin by evaluating these features:

Temperature range

End use is always important to keep in mind. Industrial heat blowers can shape and shrink plastics or dry wet surfaces with paint or ink. But different tasks have unique temperature requirements, and exceeding or falling short of these can leave your project poorly completed.

Paint stripping, for example, requires temperatures between 400 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The Masterflow Heat Blower models AH 501 and AH 502 are ideal for this task, as they reach temperatures of 500 degrees. Drying paint, on the other hand, is best done at lower temperatures. The Masterflow Heat Blower models AH 301 and AH 302, which reach 300 degrees, are better suited for this task.

Air flow volume and velocity

Weak air flow could limit the advantages you see when using your heat blower, so seek out a model with strong air velocity and volume to ensure you can make the most of your industrial heat blower. Master Appliance's heat blower has an outstanding average air volume of 47 cubic feet per minute. Additionally, it has an average air velocity of 2,200 feet per minute.

Safety features

Use of heat blowers can present some hazards. They quickly heat up air or materials to temperatures that may not be safe for contact. To minimize the risk associated with using a heat blower, you should always be aware of your surroundings. You should also educate your team about the dangers of mismanaged heat blower use.

Above all else, choose a heat blower with built-in safety features. A thermal fuse protects your heat blower from overheating or burning out if the motor fails or something blocks the nozzle. When your heat blower is in use, it's important that it is not accidentally knocked or pushed over. The nonslip adjustable stand on Master Appliance's heat blowers keep the unit stable on a smooth surface. It also has a 90-degree rotation so you can direct the air flow toward the surface you want heated easily, all without handling the blower yourself.

Before you invest in a heat blower, make sure it's well suited for your needs. Check out Master Appliance's Masterflow Heat Blowers to see if they're right for you.

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