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Master Proheat PH-1600 STC Surface Temperature Sensing and Control Heat Gun

The Master Proheat STC. The World’s First Temperature Sensing and Control Heat Gun.

The Proheat 1600: Working on Vehicle Wrap

Master Proheat 1600 can be used to work on a vehicle wrap. Watch this video and learn how to learn more about vehicle wrap repairs using The Master Proheat 1600 gun.

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How to Wrap a Vehicle with a Master Heat Gun HG-301A

3M Commercial Graphics Application instructions with a Master Heat Gun Model HG-301A

Vinyl Car Seat Repair with Heat Gun – Master Proheat vinyl and …

How to Repair Vinyl in an Automobile with a Heat Gun – Vinyl and leather repair with …

Applying Monokote® Material to an Airplane Wing

MSOE (Milwaukee School Of Engineering) undergraduate engineering students participate in an SAE Aero Design Competition intended to provide a real-life engineering challenge. Design focus …

Replacing A Defective Capacitor on an IMac G5 Motherboard

Removal of a defective capacitor, on an IMac G5 motherboard. The Master Appliance UT-100Si Ultratorch creates a hot enough tip temperature to avoid heat dispersion through the large ground …