New Table-Top Butane-Powered Heat Tool

Racine, WI… Master Appliance Corp., North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of professional heat tools for industry, has introduced its new, butane-powered, Model MT-30 Table-Top Microtorch for industrial, institutional, scientific and dental laboratory applications, including shrinking tubing and specialty connectors, heating and spot drying materials, heating wax and jewelry repairs. Its self-contained design also eliminates the need for external fuel tanks, costly piping or unsightly hoses.

The MT-30 is self-igniting, produces a continuous “hands-free” adjustable flame up to 2,500°F / 1300°C, has a built-in refillable, metal fuel tank and runs approximately one hour on a full charge. The easy-to-use, built-in ignition system includes a safety lock that prevents accidental ignition. Its 3″ diameter circular base is both stable and compact and easily moved to any location or conveniently stored in a small space.

The new MT-30 runs on Master Ultratane® Butane Fuel. Ultratane’s triple-refined, high grade formula reduces clogging and prolongs the life of butane-powered heat tools.

Master Appliance’s new Model MT-30 Microtorch is available only from your Authorized Master Heat Tool Distributor.

For the name of your local distributor or more information, contact Master Appliance at, (800) 558-9413, (262) 633-7791 or by fax at (262) 633-9745.

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