New Master¬ģ Gg-100 Portapro’ Glue Gun

Racine, WI‚Ķ Master Appliance¬ģ¬†Corporation, the leading manufacturer of¬†professional quality heat tools for industry, is introducing their new Model GG-100 PORTAPRO‚ĄĘ Cordless, Butane Powered Hotmelt Glue Gun for fast, reliable and easy use in automotive, electronic, industrial, woodworking and packaging applications.¬†Its patented ergonomic and cordless design makes the GG-100 ideal for fastening plastics and light metals, electrical potting and staking of parts on PC boards, bonding corrugated materials, chipboard and wood, and gluing down carpeting.

The GG-100¬†PORTAPRO‚ĄĘ Glue Gun comes standard with the Glue Gun, a general purpose brass application nozzle, and 4 general purpose ¬Ĺ” x 6 glue sticks.¬†¬†Three optional brass nozzles and specialty glue sticks are available.Master’s New GG-100¬†PORTAPRO‚ĄĘ¬†Glue Gun features:

  • Fast, easy start up with push button piezo ignition
  • Continuous run time of up to 140 minutes on butane fuel
  • Easily refills in just 20 seconds
  • Fast, even adhesive flow with standard ¬Ĺ” diameter glue sticks
  • 200 watt heater operates up to 392¬įF, delivering 1.9 lbs of glue per hour
  • Instant glue flow cut-off to reduce dripping
  • Safety lock on fuel flow to prevent unintentional gas flow
  • Built-in folding stand and fuel level window

Master’s¬†PORTAPRO‚ĄĘ Glue Gun is also available in a handy kit package.¬†¬†The Master Appliance Model GG-100K Glue Gun Kit features the Glue Gun, four brass tips (general purpose, needle extension, diagonal cut extension, and spreader extension), eight general purpose, ¬Ĺ” x 6, glue sticks and owners manual packed in a rugged plastic storage case.¬†¬†The storage case also includes a convenient slot for storage of a large canister of Master Ultratane Butane‚ĄĘ that must be purchased separately.

Master’s GG-100¬†PORTAPRO‚ĄĘ¬†Glue Gun and GG-100K Glue Gun Kit are available only from your Authorized Master Heat Tool Distributor.¬†¬†For the name of your local distributor or for more information, contact the Sales Department, Master Appliance Corp., P.O. Box 68, Racine, WI 53401, USA, via email:¬†, or visit Master’s Web site at¬†¬†Telephone:¬†¬†800-558-9413, 262-633-7791, or fax: 262-633-9745.

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