New Master Microtorch® Also Offers Separate Flameless Heat Gun Mode

Racine, WI…Master Appliance Corporation, the leading manufacturer of professional quality heat tools for industry, is proud to introduce their new “Two-In-One”, self-igniting Microtorch® Model MT-51H for shrinking and terminating environmental connectors, soldering and desoldering, and for use in industrial, commercial, and automotive applications requiring heating, shrinking or igniting materials.

The MT-51H is a professional quality, hand held or table top, butane-powered Microtorch with separate heat tip and 1 diameter shrink attachment. It functions as an adjustable torch with 2,500ºF (1,300ºC) broad or pinpoint blue torch flame or as a portable flameless heat gun with temperatures up to 932ºF (500ºC).

The MT-51H incorporates a self-igniting switch that meets the Consumer Products Safety Commission’s new Child Safety Requirements. A “hands-free” slide lock allows for continuous use and instant off operation.  The handle design ensures a non-slip grip.  A wide, stable base allows for safe hands free use.  The MT-51H also features a built-in, refillable fuel tank with fuel capacity of 120 minutes on a full tank.  For best performance Master recommends its popular Ultratane Butane, sold separately in two canister sizes.

Master’s new Microtorch Model MT-51H is available only from your Authorized Master Appliance Heat Tool Distributor. For the name of your local distributor or more information, contact the Master Appliance at (800) 558-9413, Fax: (262) 633-9745,, or visit Master online at

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