New Master® Mt-11 Microtorch®

Racine, WI…Master Appliance Corporation, the leading manufacturer of professional quality heat tools for industry, introduces their new palm-sized, butane powered  Microtorch Model MT-11, for use in heating or igniting materials, shrink tubing, solder & desoldering, as a pinpoint torch, terminating specialty connectors and more.

The MT-11 produces an adjustable, wind resistant, flame with temperatures up to 2500ºF / 1300ºC.  It features an ergonomic design with built-in safety lock and  an easy-to-use self-ignition system that meets the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Child Safety Requirements.  The MT-11 also has a unique, refillable fuel cell with 20 minute run time capacity on a full charge and built-in fuel level viewing window.

The MT-11 Microtorch is available only from your Authorized Master Heat Tool Distributor. For the name of your local distributor or for more information,  contact Master Appliance Corporation in Racine at, by telephone at 800-558-9413, 262-633-7791, or by fax at 262-633-9745.

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