New Master Proheat® Series Heat Gun Kits

Racine, WI… Master Appliance Corporation, the leading manufacturer of professional quality heat tools for industry, has expanded its Proheat┬«┬áSeries product line to include three new heat gun kits ideal for applications such as activating adhesives, curing resins, drying filler, bending and forming plastics, vinyl repair, terminating specialty connectors and shrinking tubing.

Master’s PH-1100K Proheat┬«┬áHeat Gun Kit features the economical, two-heat heat gun with 1-1/2 shrink tubing and 3 spreader attachments. The PH-1200K Proheat┬«Varitemp┬«┬áand PH-1300K Proheat┬«┬áVariAir”Heat Gun Kits come standard with five attachments, including the shrink tubing and spreader attachments above, 9/16th┬áinch reducer and 5/16th┬áinch pinpoint attachments along with a special attachment for terminating crimp & seal or solder & seal specialty connectors.┬á┬áEach kit also includes a rugged plastic storage / carrying case with identified slots for the heat gun and each of the attachments.

Proheat┬«┬áSeries heat guns are compact, lightweight, easy-to-use and ergonomically designed for superb balance and grip. Proheat┬«┬áVaritemp┬«┬áand VariAir”┬ámodels feature an electronic temperature control feedback system to maintain constant temperature while using any airflow settings or attachments.┬áConvenient, top mounted, dial-in controls make temperature and airflow adjustments a breeze.┬á┬áTemperatures range from 130┬áto 900┬░F, with airflow velocity at a powerful 3584 FPM for the Proheat┬«┬áand Proheat Varitemp┬«┬áHeat Gun models and an adjustable 1425 to 3550 FPM for the Proheat┬«┬áVariAir”┬áHeat Gun.

Master Proheat┬«┬áSeries Heat┬áGuns and Heat Gun Kits are available only from your Authorized Master Heat”┬áTool Distributor.┬á┬áFor more information or the name of your local distributor contact Master Appliance Corp., by telephone at 800-558-9413, 262-633-7791 or by fax at 262-633-9745.

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