Proheat Heat Gun Comparison

Master Appliance is pleased to offer a complete line of compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use heat guns that can make any job easier and faster to complete from start to finish. Our Proheat collection has five models, and each model we manufacture has its own particular set of features. When it comes to deciding what kind of heat gun is right for you, your budget, and the tasks you perform most often, we can help. In this Proheat heat gun comparison, we provide all the information you need to determine which model is ideally suited to your needs.

Proheat Heat Gun Comparison

Our Proheat collection includes five different heat gun models to choose from: momentary contact switch, two heat, variable temperature, as well as a combination of variable temperature and airflow. We offer two LCD models: LCD programmable and LCD dial-in. In this comparison, we outlined all the features and capabilities of each heat gun.

PH-1000: The Quick-Touch™ heat gun is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, with a balanced ergonomic design that prevents operator fatigue. We incorporated a momentary contact switch so the heat gun only turns on when the finger is pressing the trigger. Voltages range from 120V to 230V, but both variations can reach up to 1,000 °F and feature a permanent magnet motor.

PH-1100: The Dualtemp™ heat gun is commonly used to activate adhesives, bend plastics, shrink tubing, and strip paint. With two temperature settings to choose from, ranging from 500 °F to 1,000 °F, you can expand your abilities and the types of projects you can perform. We offer both 120V and 230V models.

PH-1200: The Varitemp® heat gun was designed to provide variable temperature with a patented electronic temperature control system, so you can pre-select and maintain any temperature from 130 °F to 1,000 °F. Each heat gun features Lexan® housing and is lightweight great for handheld use. Choose from 120V or 230V.

PH-1400: The LCD dial-in heat gun comes equipped with a digital display of temperature and airflow settings, so you can achieve the best results. Simply dial the temperature in 10-degree increments from 130 °F to 1,000 °F and enjoy adjustable airflow from 4 to 16 CFM. The closed-loop temperature control system maintains a constant temperature when varying airflow or using specialty attachments.

PH-1500: The LCD programmable heat gun comes with six preset and customizable program settings. This tool has the same dial-in capability of the PH-1400 but with six presets to remove the guesswork so you can get the job done. Plus, you benefit from a temperature and airflow lock-in feature that provides added management control.

We hope that this Proheat heat gun comparison helps you decide which model is best for the job at hand or any upcoming projects. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to request a Proheat brochure or contact us today.

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