What can you do with a soldering iron?

A soldering iron is commonly used to join electrical wires or other components together, but it can also be used for a variety of tasks limited only by your own imagination.

If you're asking yourself what you can solder next, scroll through these ideas for things you can make with a soldering iron:


Jewelry is often made with small metal components, and a soldering iron is the perfect tool to connect or manipulate them to create your final product. While traditional solder in electrical work is often made of tin and lead, soldering irons work on any metal with a low melting point, including copper, gold, brass and silver.

Gold jewelry with diamonds and gems lie in a pile on a table.Soldering irons can help craft jewelry made of gold, silver and copper.


Whether you're a sculptor who likes to work with traditional materials or one who likes to mix and match their media, a soldering iron can help join components together or change the look of a metal surface.

Metal gutters

A functional gutter system directs rainfall away from the home, decreasing the likelihood of water damage and flooding. Any gaps or holes in the gutter system reduce the system's effectiveness, so it's critical that each segment of the gutter system is joined securely. Metal gutters can be made of iron, copper, zinc and aluminum, which all have relatively low melting points. As such, they're good candidates for soldering iron work.

Stained glass mosaics

Mosaics made of stained glass or ceramic are often framed with metalwork. A soldering iron can help connect pieces of copper or tin to make a metal frame, as well as help shape that frame according to the curves of the mosaic.

If you have a project that involves metalwork – even if it's just a small component to a larger creation- a soldering iron can help you complete the job. To find a reliable, user-friendly soldering iron, explore our many options. Our high-quality butane-powered soldering irons, such as the Econoiron and Ultratorch, are excellent additions to any toolbox.

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