What Heat Gun to Buy

Industry professionals and DIY enthusiasts all need heat guns for various reasons. The best heat gun allows you to enjoy all the jobs you need to finish by eliminating any complications. With a heat gun, you can bend plastics, remove paint, thaw frozen pipes, loosen tiles, make glass products, and do so much more. However, deciding on the right heat gun can be tricky. Luckily, Master Appliance has more than 60 years of experience supplying customers with high-quality heat tools. In this guide, we’ll try to help you determine what heat gun to buy, so you can complete common projects with ease.

Consider how many types of tasks you hope to do with a heat gun. You will need to be sure that the heat gun you select can perform those projects and fulfill your needs. You must also decide whether the heat gun is suitable to the specific type of work you plan to perform, specifically in the comparison of home vs. industrial use. There are several types of heat guns available to you, such as electric hot air heat guns, gas-powered heat guns, infrared heat guns, and much more. Electric hot air heat guns use electricity as their source of fuel, whereas gas-powered heat guns require butane or propane. Gas-powered heat guns are capable of generating more heat than electric heat guns, which can still reach temperature levels of 600 °F to 1,000 °F.

Infrared heat guns are ideal for anyone who wants to avoid inhaling potentially toxic fumes, because they use infrared heat rather than hot air. As a result, infrared heat guns are only able to reach temperatures of 400 °F to 600 °F.

The ultimate heat gun will come equipped with user-controlled temperature, airflow, and the ability to reduce heat down to a pinpoint.  You might also prefer programmable settings, so you can pre-set the temperature and airflow according to your specific needs or the task at hand. The right heat gun can change your life by easing the effort it takes to complete routine tasks. Ultimately, the decision of what heat gun to buy is up to you and your preferences or plans. We hope that the reputation of our product line is enough to convince you that our heat guns are some of the best tools you can buy for your business or home. Please contact us if you have any questions about this guide today.

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