What to use a heat blower for

Heat is a valuable resource, and one that's needed to complete many tasks. A portable heat blower is perfect for working on projects around the house or workplace.

Heat blowers can be used to assist in many types of activities; here are three of the most common uses:

Paint stripping

Stripping paint is a popular use for heat blowers because they make the task much simpler. The hot air softens the paint, making it malleable and easy to peel away from the wall.

To use a heat blower for stripping paint, position the nozzle toward the painted surface, turn it on and wait for a few minutes. Then, turn the heat blower off and use a paint scraper to remove the material from the surface.

Do this project outdoors if possible; if you have to do it indoors, make sure there's plenty of ventilation. Open the doors and windows, and use an exhaust fan to move the air quickly through your work space. The Masterflow Heat Blower AH-501 and AH-502 models, which each reach temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, are recommended for paint stripping.

Shrinking materials

Shrink materials have many uses, including in retail or manufacturing packaging, equipment protection such as seasonal boat storage and wire harness repairs.

Although applications vary greatly, the basic process to use heat shrinkable materials is essentially the same: First, position the material around the items you want packaged. Then, use high heat to shrink the plastic to size. Let the item cool completely before touching it.

To use a heat blower to repair a wire harness, an addition such as the Masterflow Shrink Tubing Attachment can help direct the hot air correctly. This reflector attachment slips onto the nozzle of the Masterflow Heat Blower and provides a metal semicircle, which helps target the air toward the surface of the heat shrink tube around the wires and provide all-around heating.

Drying ink

When using inks and dyes, it's critical that the material is dried completely before being shipped for sale, given to a customer or hung on a wall. A Masterflow Heat Blower makes quick work of drying posters, silk screens, fabrics, paper and other surfaces you may paint or decorate with ink.

To use a heat blower to dry ink, position the nozzle toward the materials you want dried. Keep a close eye on the heat blower to prevent burning. Let the material cool completely before touching, moving or packaging it.

Many more heat blower applications

These projects are among some of the most common uses for heat blowers, but they certainly aren't the only tasks you can simplify with a heat blower. The Master Appliance Masterflow Heat Blower is available in six models that provide a range of heat capacities. Check out the Master Appliance online store to find the option that suits your needs best.

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