Where is a Heat Gun Used?

Have you ever wondered, “where is a heat gun used?” Heat guns are incredibly versatile tools and used throughout a wide variety of industries. With more than 60 years of experience manufacturing top-of-the-line heat guns, it’s safe to say that Master Appliance knows a thing or two about the applications our customers face and the capabilities of the heat guns we supply. We took the liberty of rounding up all the places and projects where a heat gun might be the most useful tool available to you.

Where Is a Heat Gun Used?

Bending: Whether working with plastic or PVC pipe, you can bend at just about any angle without needing to use any adhesives or elbow joints. With a heat gun, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete the job.

Desoldering: Within the electronics industry, heat guns are used to remove the solder from an electrical component that may be mounted on a circuit board.

Heat Shrink Tubing: Professionals may use heat guns to shrink tubing around wires for harnesses and connections.

Paint Stripping: From old furniture to handcrafted woodwork, a heat gun is a great alternative to paint solvents or harsh chemicals when it comes to stripping paint.

Removing Dents: With a heat gun, you can gently warm the dented area and then apply dry ice to quickly cool the surface, so the metal contracts and the dent pops out to its former state.

Soldering: Perhaps the most common heat gun application, soldering is the process of forming a bond between two items or electrical components.

Thawing: There’s nothing worse than a frozen pipe system in the dead of winter. Once you pinpoint where the frozen pipe is, you can thaw it by applying heat with your heat gun.

Welding: With the help of a specialty nozzle, you can weld a wide variety of plastics together by using a heat gun and strips of plastic welding rods.

Please note that these are just a few of the hundreds of ways you can use a heat gun. Owning a heat gun will revolutionize the way you do your job and perform DIY projects. We hope that this article inspires you to shop for a heat gun if you don’t own one already. If you have any questions about the places and applications in which a heat gun is used, please contact us today to receive additional information.

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