Why now is the right time to get into private jet custom wraps

Custom wrap professionals keep an eye on industry trends to find inspiration for new designs and media for their work. One market a wrapping professional should consider is private jets. Here's why now is an excellent time to fly into the private jet wrap scene:

Low prices keep plane sales soaring

A surplus of new private jets on the market have pushed down prices for used private jet by 16 percent between August 2016 and August 2017, Bloomberg reported. In response, new jets have also experienced price cuts, as manufacturers hope to draw buyers to more recent models.

It appears the tactic may be working. In July 2017, used aircraft sales comprised just 10.5 percent of the market, the lowest in nearly a decade, according to a report from UBS. Though deliveries of new private jets fell from 689 in 2015 to a forecasted 630 in 2017, the glut of available aircraft remains.

A jet soars over clouds at sunset.Pre-owned jet prices have been on the decline.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. estimate 640 aircrafts will be delivered in 2018, according to Bloomberg, which will do little to relieve the glut. This, in turn, could perpetuate deals in the used jet market.

"Prices of second-hand jets have come down drastically over the past two years," Steve Varsano, founder of The Jet Business, a sales broker for larger business jets, told Financial Times. "Now prices are really starting to stabilize."

Private jet rentals are becoming more popular

Not every jetsetter needs their own jets. Instead, they can rent them, sometimes at a moment's notice, using little more effort than it takes to hail a cab. Companies like PrivateFly and Victor, an app that books private jet flights on short notice, have given people the power to fly wherever and whenever they want, CNN reported.

Other services like WheelsUp and JetSmarter allow people to book a plane, then add more people to their reservation to share the cost, Forbes reported. These companies will also put together travel itineraries for flyers, arranging reservations at hotels, restaurants and clubs through their concierge services.

Jet customization is taking off

As private jet trips become more normal for people, jet owners and companies seek to customize their aircrafts. High-end designers Versace and Armani have offered custom interiors for private jets, but customization doesn't end at a plane's in-flight features and furniture selection.

Jet wraps add a new layer of customization. They can give a plane a more luxurious appearance or show off a private jet company's services. Corporate jets could be upgraded to flying advertisements. Sign & Digital Graphics highlighted one company that decked out a Challenger Bombardier 601 airplane with promotions for Cadbury chocolate.

Entering the custom private jet wrapping scene could be a boon for your business, especially now while private jet sales and rentals are looking favorable. Still, it's important to have the right materials, tools and team to support your new venture.

Not all vinyl is created for flight. Choose a perforated film to allow the cabin to maintain the right pressure. Also, opt for a quality heat gun to ensure a secure finish every time. Finally, be sure to team up with knowledgeable aircraft engineers to ensure every wrapped jet is safe to take to the skies.

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