Why you need a heat gun for car wrapping projects

Car wraps are a popular niche, whether the application is for aesthetic purposes or for a rugged use. Either way, durability and flawless execution are hugely important in car wrapping. The slightest mistake could result in a fold or a gap, issues tough to rectify when wrapping entire cars. That's why anyone tackling a car wrapping project, be it for business or personal means, needs to use a heat gun. These tools are invaluable in ensuring a clean and even application, as well as in securing the vinyl wrapping and guaranteeing adhesion and durability.

However, as is the case in many situations, not all heat guns are created equal. While they are all designed to do the same thing more or less, not every product has the same capabilities, ease of use, performance and features that are needed to effectively and efficiently finish a car-wrapping job.

Why Master Appliance heat guns stand above the rest

Master Appliance has a line of heat gun products that are among the best in class in providing users with the functionality they need. For instance, Master Appliance heat guns feature fully integrated infrared thermometers that allow the device to sense, display and maintain work surface temperatures. The level of control users are given directly enables them to perform a cleaner job at scale, an important quality when wrapping cars. Reinforcing that notion, the Proheat® 1600 STC™ Heat Gun has two lasers that guide users in applying heat across the car. The cross-hair sight provides an accurate perspective so users can see when to stop, slow or move the gun closer.

The reliability of the guns is another advantage. Vinyl has to be heated to specific temperatures for it to conform, set and not be corrupted in any way. However, many come across the unfortunate experience of their heat gun not operating at the correct temperature, or having to wait for it to power up, costly down time for a business. Having the heat gun warm to an exactly calibrated temperature is a necessary trait in a device, an area in which Master Appliance is known to deliver.

Take it from Albert Hatfield of 5950 Wrap: "I use the gun on and off, so to be able to pull the trigger and have instant heat instead of a 30-45 second delay, that's huge. Master Appliance is the fastest by far."

Master Appliance a leader in heat guns

When a tool is so essential to the job, as a heat gun is to car wrapping, users need to be absolutely sure they have the highest quality products in their service. Satisfaction with the job, whether a user's own or their customer's, is integral, and a smooth, clean finish using a Master Appliance heat gun is one way to ensure the ultimate end product is a satisfying one. Featuring the latest technology and developed with dependability and performance in mind, Master Appliance heat guns are the best tools to get the job done.

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