5 Awesome Soldering Iron Projects

Have you been itching to make something creative with your soldering iron? You’ve found the right post. It’s time to dive into the exciting world of electronics and explore amazing soldering iron projects.

Auto Lacing Shoe

According to math, there are 2 trillion ways to lace a shoe with six eyelets! This creative soldering iron project raises the count to 2 trillion and one. Powered by an Arduino microcontroller, this device will make getting out the door a tad easier.



Solar Powered Lunch Box

Put your lunch box to work. Not only will this lunch box store your food, it will charge your cell phone and other electronic devices, making this an extremely handy soldering iron project.



Custom Chopping Board

A custom chopping board is just what you need to spice up your cooking. They are simple to make and make great gifts, as well.



LED Light Cube

Light up your room in style. Make sure you have basic electronics and soldering knowledge before starting this project.



LED Hula Hoop

An LED hula hoop will provide hours of fun for all ages. A simple parallel circuit is used to complete this soldering iron project.



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