Heat Gun Vs Hair Dryer: The Heat Tool Throw Down

It’s easy to find a hair dryer in most households. Being such a common appliance, many will try to use it to accomplish tasks generally completed by a heat gun. Today, we will see if a blow dryer can measure up to an industrial Master Appliance heat gun. Here we go in the battle of the heat gun vs hair dryer.

Round One –Ability to reach high temperatures

The heat gun obviously wins this round. Master Appliance heat guns can reach temperatures of up to 1,000 Fahrenheit. A handheld blow dryer might reach 131 degrees Fahrenheit. A hair dryer gets hot enough to burn skin, but not hot enough to complete serious tasks like striping paint and removing serious adhesives.

Round Two – Ability to finish a job quickly

Sorry, hair dryer, round two goes to the heat gun, too. A lot of people will try to use a hair dryer to shrink wrap plastics. Eventually, they all give up and switch to the heat gun that can finish the job in a fraction of the time.

Round Three – Ability to adjust temperature

Blow dryers have limited heat settings. Heat guns, on the other hand, often have a more precise temperature control dial. As far as a heat gun vs hair dryer battle goes, heat gun wins again.

Round Four – Ability to dry hair

Finally, a round that that hair dryer can win. It’s not recommended that you try to dry your hair with a heat gun.

Verdict: Can a blow dryer replace a heat gun? No, a heat gun is a hair dryer on steroids and more powerful and useful than a hair dryer. Heat gun wins heat gun vs hair dryer.

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