5 Common Uses for Glue Guns Around the House

Glue guns are ideal for quick jobs because the glue cools and sets almost immediately and the tool itself is requires almost no technical know-how. Most people think glue guns are only for crafts and hobbies, but here are several common uses for a glue gun:

1. Glue guns can bring new life to an old book. Hardcover books with detached binding can look unsightly on the bookcase and will ultimately have pages loosen and fall out.

2. Any parent can attest that toys are just not made the way they used to. Small action figures and other plastic toys are fragile and can be expensive to replace. Hot glue dries clear and is safe for children, making it the ideal option for repairing toys. Your child – and your wallet – will thank you!

3. Glue guns can repair broken or loose furniture legs and spindles. Furniture with loose or missing pieces are a danger. Hot glue does not require nailing or drilling holes but still repairs the furniture. This is an excellent way to save money and not have to buy new.

4. Everyone has that favorite pair of shoes they don’t want to give up – they just fit right and look great. When the sole, heel, or other part begins to separate from the shoe, a quick application from a glue gun will remedy the problem and make your shoes good as new.

5. Decorate your house with home made decorations to make it look happy and inviting. Websites like Pinterest.com provide thousands of DIY projects that can be easily accomplished with the help of a glue gun.

The surprising versatility of a hot glue gun means that you will be able to make repairs around your home that will ultimately save you a great deal of money. Not only are the tools useful, but they are easy to use. Contact us to learn more about glue guns and let us you decide on which is best for your needs.

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