Did You Know: Heat Guns Are Used to Build Airplanes

Did you know that heat guns are used to build airplanes? It’s true. They are utilized to make aircraft repairs as well. With that said, here’s a brief glimpse at the role heat guns play in the aviation industry:

Wire Harnesses

First of all, industrial heat guns are traditionally used to create and repair an aircraft’s wire harness. That’s because the wire harnesses are partially held together by heat shrink tubing and solder sleeves. In addition, the heat guns are also used to cauterize wire harness braids.

Circuit Boards

Second, heat guns are utilized in the construction and maintenance of multiple circuit boards. In the aviation industry, the circuit boards are often found at the heart of communication devices (i.e. radio). One product that may be used in such applications is the UltraTorch UT-100Si Soldering Iron/Heat Tool. It is a lightweight, precision tool that is capable of reaching a temperature of 1200°F.

Exterior Composite Work

Third, it is not uncommon for heat guns to be used during the manufacture and repair of an aircraft’s exterior composite. For example, aviation repair personnel may reach for a heat gun when it comes time to seal seams with carbon mesh fiber. They could also use heavy-duty heat guns to modify the aircraft’s wings.

Interior Panels/Components

Fourth, aircraft manufacturers also tend to utilize heavy-duty heat guns when crafting interior components. Take an aircraft’s fiberglass composite panels for example. A heat gun is frequently used to bind the fiberglass composite layers to one another. It is also used to shape plastics, make repairs and attach materials to the plane that require the use of a strong adhesive. Items that may fall into that category are non-skin flooring, interior plumbing, tray tables, leather, fabric and vinyl seating.

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