How to Emboss Holiday Cards with a Heat Gun

Are you tired of sending out the same, boring, store bought holiday cards as everyone else? Well, why not grab a few supplies and make your own stunning greeting cards this year? Surprising, it doesn’t take much to convert blank cards into personal masterpieces. With that said, here’s how to emboss with a heat gun:

In order to emboss cards with a heat gun, you’ll need the following items within easy reach:

  • 1 Set Holiday Embossing Ink Pads, Slow Drying
  • 1 Box Blank Note Cards, Envelopes Included
  • Proheat® Quick-Touch™ Heat Gun
  • 1 Set Holiday Embossing Powders
  • 1 Set Disposable Craft Brushes
  • 1 Set Holiday Stamps
  • 1 Metal Baking Tray

Start the greeting card project by grabbing your slow drying inks, stamps and paper products. Use the stamps and inks to create your desired design onto each note card. Just make sure that you are not stingy with the ink. Otherwise, the finished cards won’t look as appealing.

Next, place the cards onto the baking sheet and take out your holiday embossing powders. Liberally apply the powder to all of the stamped areas. Afterward, use the disposable craft brushes to help gently remove any excess powder. You’ll also want to dump the excess powders that landed inside of the baking sheet back into their respective containers.

When you are finished removing the excess powder, take out your Proheat® Quick-Touch™ Heat Gun. Then hold the Proheat® Quick-Touch™ Heat Gun roughly 5 inches over top of the note cards with its nozzle facing downward.  Proceed with the embossing process by turning the gun on and moving it back and forth across the note cards in spurts. By using short bursts of heat, you reduce the chances that you’ll accidently scorch the paper.

Once the ink and powder have bonded together, turn off the Proheat® Quick-Touch™ Heat Gun. At this point, you’ll need to let the newly embossed note cards cool down before continuing. On average, the note cards should be cool enough to handle in less than 10 minutes.

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