5 Handy Tricks to Organize Tools for Optimum Convenience

If you’re like most people who do their own handiwork, you have a lot of tools scattered around many different places in and around your property. This can be a bad thing for several reasons: safety for your family, find ability, and organization. So in light of that, we thought we’d give you 5 simple tips on how to organize tools for optimum convenience.

Use a Peg Board

Peg boards are one of the simplest ways to get organized. You can change a clump of scattered tools into a wall of shiny metal in minutes. They come with a huge variety of different hooks and latches that handle tools of many different weights and sizes. Our best advice, however, would be to not just transfer everything on to the board, first organize what you have to optimize space, then add more peg board when necessary.

Add Shelves

Hey, we said simple. But really, adding shelving is easy and adds extra space off the ground and out of the reach of tiny hands. And with adjustable shelving (ones that can be attached to peg board), you can store just about anything on them. Hammer? You bet. Sledgehammer? Sure. Chainsaw? Yeah, why not! Depending on their weight-rating, you can store just about anything on them.

Grab a Pail

Got a bunch of small things thrown haphazardly into those old, plastic sliders that are labeled completely wrong? Try gathering up a group of metal pails. Then, you can store what would otherwise be messy things, in a more organized (and eye-catching) system. Print letters on the sides for quick identification or paint with corresponding colors. Then, when you’re all done, set them on your newly installed shelves.

Bins are Your Friends

Much like the pails, bins can add organization to your clutter while adding a bit of color in the process. Set them neatly in a row on an existing workbench, in an under cabinet or on some shelves, and store larger, clunky items in them, such as rolls of tape, tape measures, pliers and wrenches. Your family will thank you for it.

Slat Wall

Looking for the ultimate addition to a garage or workspace? Add slatted wall. Slat wall strips are durable, safe, and sturdy, and they allow you to attach all sorts of storage to them, including cabinets. And the best part? You can move all of it around whenever you get something new or just want to reorganize. Add to it that peg board we keep going on about and you’ll be in organizational heaven.

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