Which Heat Gun is Best For…

Whether you are a contractor or a weekend warrior, having the right tools for the job is important to your success. When deciding which tool will be best, it is key to properly evaluate the job, your specific need, and your budget. Below we have some suggestions to help you decide which heat gun will suit your project best.

Which Heat Gun is Best For…

Master Heat Gun:

These guns are designed for heavy duty applications with a temperature rating of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. These guns will get the job done quickly, incorporating a 1740 watts of power and 23 CFM at 3000FMP. The kit is industrial rated; designed to be used to bend plastics, cure adhesives, dry parts, strip paint, to set heat wrap, and more. Master Heat Guns are available with anOptional Momentary Contact Switch to turn the gun off when not in use. Available in 120V and 220V models.

Deluxe VariTemp Heat Gun:

This gun allows for the ultimate in adjustability. The gun can provide the user with heat ranges up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The air flow rating is 23CFM at 3000FPM and the sturdy die-cast aluminum housing is built tough with a pivoting handle to ensure maximum control and durability during use. This gun is industrial rated; designed to be used to activate adhesives, melt solder, defrost frozen coils, soften plastics, and more.

ECOheat Gun:

This gun is economical but powerful enough to use with any home project. It employs the use of two heat settings, 500 and 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is built tough, using a rugged thermoplastic housing and built-in hand guard to protect knuckles during use. This gun can be used at high or low fan speed depending on the project. It is commonly used to bend plastics, dry paint, remove decals, dry body filler, shrink tuning, and more.

Master-Mite ESD Electric Heat Gun:

This powerful bench-top gun eliminates housing related electrostatic discharge. It is totally grounded for safety and can heat objects perfectly using an 800 degree Fahrenheit capable heating element. The specially designed housing shields the user from EMI and RFI. The Master-Mite ESD is perfect for the home or garage.

If you are interested in purchasing a heat gun for your home or industrial project, visit MasterAppliance.com. We have a wide selection of heating tools such as heat guns, soldering equipment, and blowers. At Master Appliance, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality products. Please contact us for more information.

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