Decals you’ll want to Remove with a Heat Gun

Decals are everywhere. You can find them on the bumper of your car, your RV and other means of transportation. When decals become worn and faded, you’ll want to remove them. You may even want to rid your property of a hideous decal before it has reached its life expectancy.  Removing decals with a heat gun is simple, but the following videos will visually show you how to get the job done.


  • Use a Master Appliance heat gun attachment that will help concentrate the heat in the right area.
  • To avoid any damage, don’t keep the heat gun on one spot for more than a few seconds.
  • Set your heat gun on its lowest setting to start. Increase heat if necessary.
  • Wear heat resistant gloves to protect yourself.

Removing Decals on Bike Wheels

Your bike is your pride and joy, but those decals on the tires may be getting to you. Especially after they have become faded and worn. Stop scraping and picking and try a solution that will really work. Keep moving the heat gun over the decal to keep from damaging the rim.

Removing Cheesy Motorcycle Decals

If you like everything about your bike except the cheesy flames, the problem can be solved with a pass of a heat gun.  This video demonstrates a motorcycle owner removing adhesive with a heat gun and then taking the leftover residue off with WD-40.

Removing Tape and Labels

If you’ve ever tried to use a box that has a shipping label on it, you know removing the label can be a real battle. You don’t need to painstakingly remove the labels. Heat guns provide a simple solution.  Get a putty knife and slide it under the label. On a low setting, move over the label. Remember to keep your fingers away from the heat gun.

Now that you know how helpful the heat gun is, you won’t have to be ashamed of ugly decals ever again.  Send this article to any of your friends who have decals that need to go.

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