How to Defrost Car Door Handles

Winter’s chilly fingers are a menace. They are responsible for dangerous icicles and car doors that have been frozen shut. To solve this frustrating issue, and gain entry into your automobile, follow these steps on defrosting a car door handle with a heat gun.

Don’t Force It

Attempting to open the door by force can cause even more problems. The excessive force will break the springs and mechanisms that enable the door to open. You won’t want to replace these parts.

Use Heat

Use extension cords so you can hook up a Master Appliance heat gun.  Pass the heat gun over the car door handle on a very low setting for 30 second increments. At this point, see if the door can be easily opened. If not, repeat the process and determine if it is just the door handle that is frozen or the entire door.


Avoid placing the heat gun too close to the window. If the window experiences a large fluctuation in temperature, the window can crack.

Helpful Tips

  • To prevent your car door from freezing in the first place, park your car in sunny areas.
  • Check your other doors to see if they are locked before you go through this process

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