Exploring a Heat Gun’s Artsy Side

We talk a lot about how heat guns impeccably solder, shrink wrap and form plastics. Today; however, we’ll highlight the ways that heat guns bring out the Picasso in us and help create awe-inspiring works of art. Let’s get crafty!


Heat guns come in handy to create and form sculptures. Artists use heat guns to melt materials and shape their works of art. Others use heat guns to “lock in” a specific area of sculpt while they keep the other areas soft and malleable.

If you want to get into this craft we’d recommend this amazing forum. There is so much to learn


Encaustic Painting

Encaustic painting is a beautiful form of art work. The process involves heating beeswax with color pigments to a surface like wood or canvas. Tools and brushes are then used to shape the paint before it cools. A heat gun is essential to this type of painting because it helps to manipulate the wax once it has cooled allowing artists to prolong the time they have to work with the material.

If the painter wants to get really creative, they can layer and encase different objects into their painting.

Here is a neat example of an encaustic painting by Ezshawn Winding.


Jewelry Making

Fashionistas everywhere love the look of resin jewelry. It is fun and simple to make. A heat gun is particularly helpful in this process because it helps rid your jewelry of air bubbles that may form. If you want to make some trendy jewelry yourself there are lots of step-by-step instructions online.

If you are feeling artsy today, start your heat guns! If you have any other creative ways to use a heat gun, please share with us in the comments below.

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