5 Tips for Organizing your Tools

Few places are more sacred than your tool shed or workshop. The sight of tools perfectly aligned on the wall and drawers full of handy accessories makes you proud to be in your own personal hardware store. But remember, a workshop can become a nightmare if you don’t keep it organized. You’ll find yourself spending more time looking for your microtorch than getting your project done. Consider these tips for organizing your tools to keep your workshop a handyman’s paradise.

1. Hang the Tools you use the Most on a Pegboard

Sort out the tools that you use most frequently and hang them on pegboards. Hang the tools that you use on an everyday basis in an area that is easy to reach. Painter’s tape will assist you in creating a layout for your tools.

2. Separate Tools by Type

You’ll be able to get to your tools a lot faster if you organize them by type. Separate power tools from hand tools, and consider stowing seasonal tools in a separate section, too.

3. Donate Tools that you Never Use

There is no point in keeping tools around that you never use. If you having a hard time parting from your tools, put the tools you never use in a box, and if you still haven’t used them sell them at a garage sale or make a trip to the donation center.

4. Organize Tool Manuals

There is a good chance you are holding on to a manual that accompanies a tool you no longer own. To get rid of clutter, sift through your manuals and eliminate the ones that are no longer useful to you. If you later find that you got rid of one you needed, most companies keep manuals online.

5. Organize Accessories

Accessories can be the hardest item in your workshop to keep organized. It’s best to keep them stowed away in drawers and containers. Think outside the box and consider alternative ways to keep your tool accessories organized. How cool are these nail containers made from peanut butter jars and laundry detergent containers?


What are you waiting for? The sooner you get organized the more time and money you will save. If you have a friend who needs to organize their tools, send them this article.

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