Packing a Different Kind of Heat – Heat Gun Safety Tips

When it comes to working with tools, nothing is more important than safety. The last thing you want to do with a heat gun is hurt yourself or injure a fellow worker. Heat guns have the capability of achieving a temperature of 1,100 degrees. At that temperature, you are more than capable of giving someone a third degree burn.

So, what are some heat gun safety tips that will prevent this sort of thing from happening?

1. Wear the Proper Safety Equipment

To make absolutely sure that you will not injure yourself or others; everyone needs to be wearing the right gear. Wearing gloves is a must. If you are working with paint, wear a respirator mask, as paint fumes are dangerous to inhale. It is also important to wear goggles to protect your eyes from whatever it is you are working with, as well as shielding yourself from the heat.

Check any loose clothing or equipment that you may be wearing. For example, buttoning up a long sleeve shirt will make sure that it does not flap around and possibly catch fire. If you have long hair, make sure it is pulled back, or under a hat.

2. Location

Where you work with the heat gun is also important when thinking about safety. If you are working inside make sure anything that could possibly be damaged is put as far away from the work site as possible. Open windows when working with paint. Otherwise, the fumes from the paint will remain in the house.

3. Think before Using

This might seem obvious, but it is important to consider every detail before using a heat gun. Asking ourselves, “Is it safe and necessary to use a heat gun right now?” is an important question to ask each and every time we pick it up. Not every project requires a heat gun, and it can even be dangerous to use one.

  • If there are any flammable materials nearby, do not use a heat gun. Remove all flammable material before continuing.
  • Before working with paint, make the paint is not lead based. When heated, lead paint releases toxic fumes.
  • Always check temperature settings! Not every project requires the heat gun to be on full blast.
  • Never keep the heat gun pointed at one spot for too long. Always use circular motions. This will spread the heat. Otherwise, you risk burning whatever it is you are working on.

If you have any questions regarding heat gun safety tips or about any of our fine products, please contact us. Master Appliance is happy to help you with any question or concern you have!

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