Heat Tool Applications: DIY for the Sport Enthusiast

I bet you don’t think heat tool applications and the world of sports go together, but they do. You can use a heat gun for a wide variety of applications from waxing a snowboard to molding skates or ski boots. Here’s how.

Wax on

Putting wax on your snowboard is as simple as having a snowboard, some wax, a heat gun, and some paper towels. Then, you can follow these steps to have a decent and quick DIY wax job on your board.

  1. See how much wax is left on the board by heating up board with a heat gun. If it looks wet, there is wax left.
  2. Let the board cool, then apply wax in areas you need it or all over the board.
  3. Reheat the board with a heat gun. Be sure to constantly move the gun so you don’t start melting the board.
  4. Wipe down with paper towels to give a smooth finish.
  5. Reheat the wax again to check for unwaxed areas.
  6. Repeat until all the board is covered with a light coat, then cool and you’re done!

Perfect fit

Most boots for skis and skates are made of a carbon fiber composite that can be molded with heat. The benefit of using a heat gun for this is that you only heat and manipulate the places you really need to mold to your feet. The rest of the shoe stays factory perfect. Double check to make sure the type you have is one of these, then get ready to get your perfect fit.

  1. Heat the area gently, taking care not to burn the stitches or other fabric around the heat gun. (You might try a directional tip to help.)
  2. Using your gloved hand, push the now warn and pliable carbon fiber composite material into the position you want. If you prefer, use your foot, but make sure it’s wrapped up as well to prevent anything sticking on your skin or burns.

Voilà! You have just molded your boots to fit you. Now you can go out and enjoy your sports more comfortably.

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