Heat Tool Applications: DIY Furniture Repairs

Have you ever thought about heat tool applications and furniture in the same breath? Well, you should. There are two different ways you can use a heat tool to spruce up your furniture: upholstering with vinyl and repairing vinyl and leather.

DIY Upholstering

While this technique can be used on other fabrics that shrink with heat, such as pleather, it is most often used with vinyl. With these few steps, you can bring a second life to worn furniture.

  1. After you’ve stripped your furniture down to the skeleton, measure and cut a piece of vinyl a few inches bigger than the section you are using.
  2. Staple the vinyl to one side, then use the heat gun to warm the vinyl up so it stretches and moves much easier.
  3. Form it to the furniture shape, stapling and reheating as necessary.
  4. Let it cool. Once it completely cools, you’ll have a smooth, perfectly fitted upholstery job.

DIY Vinyl and leather repair

To do this application, you will need an adhesive and filler compound you can get at the hardware store for this type of job. Then, you need to prep your piece. To do this, remove the stray fibers and trim up all the edges.

After the piece is clean, apply the adhesive which holds the filler compound, and the specially textured cloth from the leather repair kit. Heat the area with a heat gun on low, stretch the cloth from the kit, and press it to blend perfectly with the leather around the hole. It’s really that easy!

Contact us to find out which heat gun is best for this type of job, and you’re on your way to refurbishing all your leather and vinyl from home to car.

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