How to Dry Paint Quickly & Easily

Watching paint dry is often held as the pinnacle of absolute boredom. Given the fact that there’s simply no way around it (after all, you’ve got to let the stuff dry at some point) it would be in a painter’s best interests to speed the process up. Of course, when you’re under a time constraint, certainly a common occurrence in today’s busy world, then it becomes still more important. So, let’s explore some tips on how to dry paint quickly and easily.


Begin by diluting your paint, if possible. For example, you can dilute latex paint by 10% with a floetrol thinner solution. With a gallon of paint weighing in at 128 ounces, you’d add 12.8 ounces of the floetrol to the paint. The caution here is to avoid thinning too much, preventing a full, even coverage with your paint.


The type of brush that is used also impacts how quickly and easily paint will dry, with a foam brush being the ideal. You see, foam brushes actually soak up less pain than other types, creating a thinner layer of paint, which dries more quickly. Even if you’re painting a surface that isn’t primed, requiring extra coats, each coat still dries faster than without a foam brush.


Nothing dries paint faster than heat and air circulation. With its ability to increase both of those factors, a heat gun will be your most valuable tool in drying paint quickly and easily. Start farther away from your painted surface, slowly moving more closely, ever vigilant to prevent any actual burning of the paint.

In this hectic world, where time is always in short supply, thinning, foam brushes, and heat guns are the most integral parts of saving you time when you paint by doing it more quickly and easily. So, grab your heat gun and get painting!

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