How to Crimp Wires Together in 5 Steps

Learning how crimp wires together is a very simple task. Butt connectors, ring tongues, and spade forks can all be used with a wire crimping tool. All it takes is a little practice, and in no time you’ll be splicing wires together like a pro.

The Tool

A wire crimping tool (not a pair of pliers, needle-nosed pliers, a hammer, a vice, etc.) is required to crimp an electrical joint between two wires, whether permanently or for temporary means. The word “crimping” in regards to this context implies making a joint between two wires by deforming them to hold on to each other. Thus, the word crimp.

A crimping tool, when used in a correct manner, will make a cold weld between the connector and wire. Using the wrong tool will not work properly. It will leave air pockets in the crimp, which can endanger the connection of coming loose by way of corrosion, as a result of moisture build-up.

The Process

1. Choose the correct size terminal for the wire.

2. Strip the wire. The amount of wire left exposed should match the length of the connector barrel (~1/4-inch).

3. Slide the wire into the barrel of the connector up to the insulation.

4. Insert the newly-made joint into the crimper. Match the color of the insulation to the corresponding color on the crimping tool. No color? Use the gauge markings on the side of the tool.

5. Hold perpendicular, and squeeze the handles of the tool with some force. Don’t worry about over-crimping, unless you are specifically trying, this won’t happen.

It’s that easy. After the crimping process, the connector should be strong enough to withstand pulling them apart. If you succeed at unseating the crimp, it was done incorrectly and should be redone.

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