How to Speed up Spring Cleaning with a Heat Gun

Spring cleaning is that time of year when you consider all areas of your home that need to be touched up on. This is why finding simple and easy tips on cleaning to use can be extremely helpful. Consider How to Speed up Spring Cleaning with a Heat Gun to help you!

Heat Gun Cleaning Tips:

Get Rid of Mold:

If there is mold on the baseboards or flooring in your home, you can use a heat gun on the surface to kill the mold. However, you should consider spraying the area with a vinegar solution first, which will aid in the killing of mold and then dry with the heat gun.

Remove Old Tiles:

You will want to use the heat gun about 2 inches above the surface of the tile. You should heat the whole tile evenly on a low heat setting. Then you can take a putty knife and probe the edge of the tile and increase the heat if needed until the putty knife can get underneath the tile to remove it completely.

Insulate Windows:

This is a solution not many people know they can accomplish with a heat gun! Insulated windows are highly desired to keep cool air in during the summer so you will not have to blast the air conditioner all day long, which increases your energy bill. When spring cleaning, consider using a heat gun to insulate your windows to help avoid this issue during the upcoming summer! Simply purchase window film at your local hardware store, tap to the edges of the window and heat the film at the corners. From here, you can begin to make your way up the window to produce a wrinkle-free insulated solution!

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