Introducing the Master Appliance ProHeat STC Gun

Determining surface temperature is imperative to proper heat application for temperature threshold critical projects. Unfortunately, heat gun technology could only accurately display the current temperature of the nozzle, leaving the user to make an educated guess about work surface temperature. Finally, Master Appliance has developed a gun with the technology to accurately and effectively sense and display work surface temperature, Introducing the Master Appliance ProHeat STC Gun.

The Master Appliance ProHeat STC gun allows you to dial in the desired surface temperature before you begin. Once the gun senses the desired work surface temperature has been reached, the ProHeat STC will adjust the guns heat application temperature automatically, thus allowing you to continually work with in the upper range of the surface heating threshold.

This revolutionary technology can help you get the job done more quickly and accurately by giving you more control during heat temp sensitive projects.

Top Features of the Master Appliance ProHeat STC Gun

  • LTS Laser Targeting Technology:┬áThis tool allows you to stay within heat target range using laser precise accuracy.
  • Cure Zone Control:┬áThe automatic surface temperature sensing technology allows you to work in the upper temperature tolerance threshold so you can get the job done quicker.
  • Dial-In Temp Setting:┬áBy dialing in your desired surface temp, the gun will automatically adjust heat element temperature to help work more safely and effectively.
  • ProLock Supervisor:┬áThis feature “locks in” temperature range to prevent temperature change and volume of airflow.
  • LED Progress Indicator:┬áThis feature will alert the user of heating progress using easy to see red, yellow, and green LEDs.
  • STC Automatic Surface Temperature Control:┬áThis is by far the most innovative feature of the ProHeat STC, allowing the gun to accurately “sense” work surface temperature.

If you are interested in learning more about the innovative Master Appliance ProHeat STC Gun, please contact the experts here at Master Appliance. We offer top quality, durable products for the professional and home project user.

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