Make sure your Building is up to Code and Safe with a Heat Gun

Every business needs to have tools on hand to take care of emergency repairs to keep employees safe and the building up to code. Protecting both employees and customers is an important part of running a business. Make sure you have the necessary tools to ensure safety and compliance in the workplace. With models available in four temperature ranges, a Master Heat Gun is an essential tool in the supply closet. A Master Heat Gun from Master Appliance will help with any number of repairs and problems that can crop up.

Up to Code:

Laminate or VCT flooring can be dangerous if it is not well adhered to the floor. If a section of the flooring comes loose, it presents a serious hazard. The problem is solved with a Master Heat Gun. The Master Heat Gun re-activates, cures, and sets adhesives. You can get that loose flooring fixed in no time.

Test your sprinkles with a heat gun. Sprinklers should go off at 68C or 155 F.

Loose parts on shelves can be dangerous for warehouse workers and stockers. Use the Master Heat Gun to shrink-wrap the loose parts so that they can be stored safely. The Master Heat Gun, with its powerful high-speed universal motor, will save you from the worry of parts falling on a customer or employee.

If you need to repaint an area to increase its visibility, the Master Heat Gun is essential. It will help strip paint much quicker than scraping the paint off. After you get the new coat of paint up, the Master Heat Gun will help spot dry paint fast.

When heating adhesives, the Master Heat Gun has a three position “OFF-COLD-HOT” rocker switch to make it easy to adjust the heat. Using the Master Heat Gun to heat the asphalt to make a roof patch will speed up the process and get you back down on the ground to safety. The Master Heat Gun will also loosen old decals easily, no dangerous solvents needed, so you can replace them with current stickers that have better visibility.

The Master Heat Gun has its own safety features to help keep you safe. It is available with an optional “Momentary Contact Safety Switch” for instant-off when the trigger is released. The six-foot long three-wire grounded cordset is made with a flexible rubber jacket that is oil and sunlight resistant. The Master Heat Gun is made in the USA and is UL and CUL Listed. Remember to always use the Master Heat Gun in accordance with its manual.

Keeping your building up to code and safe is essential to a successful business. Make sure you own a Master Heat Gun to keep your building and business running safely and smoothly.  Contact us today and we will help you choose the right Master Heat Gun and accessories for your needs.

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