Master Introduces NEW 230V CE Certified Proheat STC Surface Temperature Control Heat Guns

Racine, WI, USA….. Master Proheat STC Heat Guns are best-in-class, providing the ultimate in process control.  Featuring an electronically integrated IR sensor and Dual Laser Targeting System, Proheat STC Heat Guns sense, display and control actual work surface temperatures.

Master now offers new 230 volt CE Certified models for European and other countries using 220 to 240 volt electric current.  New Proheat STC Models PH-2600 and PH-2610 both offer surface temperature control.  The Dual Mode Model PH-2610 also offers the ability to switch to Nozzle Sensing Mode, where the temperature is controlled at the tip of the heat gun’s nozzle.

The Master Proheat STC Heat Gun has a compact, light weight, ergonomic design, with high power and airflow ratings.  Temperatures are displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit and adjust in 10⁰ increments.  Airflow is adjustable from 113 to 453 L/Min. (4 to 16 CFM).  Lock in your programmed settings with the unique ProLoc™ Magnetic Locking Key.

The STC (Surface Temp Control) Mode, offered on both Model PH-2600 and PH-2610:

  • Heats up work surfaces fast, with target surface temperature settings of 40⁰ C to 270⁰ C, (90⁰ F to 500⁰ F).  Both the target and surface temperatures are displayed.
  • Eliminates over or under heating with integrated infrared sensor, unique Dual Laser Targeting System™ and LED Progress Indicator light
  • Provides accurate surface temperature control even with variations in the heat gun’s distance from the work surface
  • Allows you to work in the upper limits of the target temperature cure zone
  • Is ideal for applications such as prepreg layup in composite parts manufacturing, installing and post heating vehicle wraps and for aluminum body repair

The Standard Heat Gun Mode, offered on the Model PH-2610 only:

  • Functions as a standard variable temperature, variable airflow, LCD Heat Gun with temperature settings of  80⁰ C to 540⁰ C (170⁰ F to 1,000⁰ F) in 10⁰ increments
  • Handles a full range of general heating applications and allows use of (18) different attachments including those for soldering/desoldering,  shrink tubing, plastic welding or with our adaptor, installing vinyl wall or vehicle wrap with 3M’s TSA-4 Applicator

Master Appliance Corp. is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of heat tools for industry.  Designed and assembled in the USA, new Master Proheat STC Surface Temperature Control Heat Guns are available now.  For more information, contact Master Appliance at, by phone at (262) 633-7791, by fax at (262) 633-9745 or visit our website at

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