Over the last 55+ years Master Appliance Corp (Racine, WI) has earned a reputation for developing the highest quality industrial strength heat guns on the market.  A company well known for its heavy duty industrial big red “HG” heat gun, has noticed a new hot trend in heat gun applications. Technology gains in car wraps, aluminum bodies and composites have lead the need for specific controlled heat ranges when working with the material.

The demand for specific controlled heat output is continually growing.  The thriving vehicle wrap industry requires temperatures above 200°F-225°F for effective post heating, the new aluminum bodies for Ford trucks call for specific temperature ranges for dent repair and composite structures of airplanes, helicopters, boats, and other vehicles are all demanding specific heat application ranges.  “In the past, using a heat gun on sensitive surfaces was a bit of a guessing game.  How much heat does the heat gun need to produce to make the work surface 200°F?  How far does the nozzle need to be from the surface and how long do you point it there to make sure you don’t over heat your material?  Many of these materials cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.  Users are really taking a risk heating sensitive surfaces without control. The cost of just one botched installation or repair could end up being quite expensive.” says Robert Radwill VP of Marketing at Master Appliance Corp.

Enter the Master PH-1600 STC heat gun, the world’s first heat gun with the ability to sense, display and control actual work surface temperatures.  The heat gun is fully integrated with an IR sensor and is designed to bring your work surface up to your programmed target temperature and automatically regulate its output to keep it there.  “The real value in this heat gun is its ability to regulate its output to meet your heating demands. You can program in your desired target surface temperature, turn on the heat gun and start working right away.  It adjusts for the conditions you subject it to, knows when to kick up the heat and knows when to dial itself back.  We created this heat gun to help get the job done right the first time saving the user time and money. This technology substantially minimizes the risk of botching the installation or repair.  There’s nothing out there on the market like it” Radwill says.

Master Appliance has also created a second surface temperature control heat gun model, the PH-1610 STC which has the added capability to turn off the surface temperature control technology and operate as a traditional heat gun.  As vehicle markets continue to innovate their body structures, materials and repair methods look for Master’s surface temperature control technology to become a favorite among professionals worldwide.

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