Heat Tool Applications For Home and Work

Contrary to what some may believe, heat guns aren’t just for use around the shops. Heat tools have a lot of applications around the home for repairs and maintenance. They also have a variety of craft and hobby uses as well. As a sculptor, there’s nothing worse than finishing a section of your piece only to scrape/nick the clay and have to do repairs. Some artists bypass this by baking their project in sections, however I find that weakens the overall integrity of the final piece. I employ the use of a heat gun in my works. It bakes the outermost layer of the clay and protects it perfectly from accidental nips and pokes.

Whether for home or industrial use, heat tools have a variety of applications. Some include:

Shrink Wrapping – Now one of the more well known applications of a heat gun. From gifts to gags a heat gun is the only way to go when working with shrink wrap film. I remember once my Mother and I trying to shrink wrap a gift basket with her old hairdryer. Needless to say the result wasn’t great, I think we just ended up using cling wrap.

Paint Stripping – A heat gun makes a great alternative to paint solvents and other chemicals when removing paint from old furniture or other surfaces. The process is safer, easier, and more environmentally friendly. Don’t believe me? Check out this article to see how easy it really is.

Repairing Minor Dents – Small, minor dings and dents in your car can me remedied yourself with the use of a heat gun and a bit of dry ice. Use the heat gun to gently warm the area, then apply the dry ice to contract the metal and pop out the dent. Careful not to use too much heat too quickly, or you’ll be doing the above to your car.

Paint Drying – Another iconic use of the heat gun, one that I use as well. For when there’s more work to be done but you can’t start until the paint is dry, a heat gun will cut down on the wait time dramatically. I’ve also found that using a heat gun on acrylic paints seems to dry it out more efficiently than the usual ‘air dry’ method. Perhaps its the humidity in my area, but I’ve noticed that figures I allowed to air dry become ‘tacky’ and tend to hold on to dust, where as figures I’ve dried with my heat gun continue to be dry and smooth.

Desoldering – For those who like to void warranties or do their own electronic repairs, a heat gun has many attachments and tips available to easily direct heat for easy desoldering.

Plastic Welding – With the use of a special tip for the heat gun and strips of plastic known as ‘welding rods’ you can weld anything from floor tiles to PVC pipe.

Thaw Frozen Pipes – An excellent use of the heat gun for those who live in a colder climate. If your pipes have frozen and you are able to reach the general area affected, you can use the heat gun to slowly reheat the pipe and melt the ice. Just make sure the pipe can handle being heated and that you don’t apply too much heat too quickly, as that can cause the pipe to rupture!

Soften Adhesive – Ever tried to peel the sticker off a nice jar or bottle you wanted to keep? Irritating, isn’t it? With the use of a heat gun you can warm that label then peel it right off. Any remaining adhesive can be cleaned with dawn dish soap, WD-40, or bug and tar remover.

Bending PVC Pipe – Plumbers love heat guns for this reason. Using a heat gun and a special wire coil you can bend PVC pipe at just about any angle and without the use of adhesives or elbow joints. Not only convenient but it will also dramatically cut work time.

With all these applications and many more not listed here, why not consider purchasing a heat gun tool? Our Master Appliance heat guns have some of the highest ratings and are built right here in the USA. If you have any questions regarding our products, feel free to contact us at our website.

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