Use A Heat Gun To Repair A Dent On Your Bumper

Having someone removing a dent from your bumper can be very expensive.

You can spend $300 plus at a repair or body shop for medium dings and since car dents happen often for some drivers, you should try to become familiar with repairing them yourself.

Did you know that you can remove a dent in your car with a heat gun? Yes, a heat gun! If your dent is on your bumper, you can easily repair that dent that is annoying you. Some bumpers on vehicles are not made from chrome, but plastic. When heat is applied to plastic, it can become flexible which makes the repair process easier and stress-free.

Do Your Inspection

Before you take any steps, you should examine the type of damage that is on your bumper. Do you have cracks or dents on the bumper? The type of damage that is on your bumper will help you decide what kind of repair solution you need. A dent will not need the same type of heat that a crack will need.

Repair Process

Hold the heat gun over the dent on your bumper for at least one minute. With the heat gun over the dent, move the gun around in a circular motion slowly. As a rule of thumb, when you begin to see visible signs that the dented area is heated, you should not apply heat anymore.

When the bumper has become hot enough, you can upend the dent from the inside by using a wooden block to get rid of the dent. While one of your hands is on the inside of the bumper, use your other hand to hold the outside of the bumper with a wet towel or cloth that can cool the bumper after the heat gun has been used. Both of your hands should stay on either side for at least two or three minutes. When you start to see the area being placed into its original position, you can give your hands a rest and look at your finished product.

If you are not satisfied with your efforts, then you can attempt to do it again. Repairing a dent on your car, such as on your bumper, it will not be difficult. It can give your vehicle the look that you would expect from someone you would have paid around $100.

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