How to Remove Caulk and Adhesives with a Heat Gun

Are you planning on redoing your tub and tile caulk this fall? Have you figured out the best way to properly remove all of that old caulk? Ever considered using a heat gun?

It’s true, removing caulk  from bathroom tubs and tile can be a real pain, especially if it had additional residue. Caulk comes in so many different varieties that oftentimes removing it completely requires specific chemical concoctions and specially-designated tools. That is, unless you have a heat gun.

Here’s how to remove caulk from your bathroom’s tub and tile:

Note: Silicone caulk will likely not require heat. It is soft enough to simply be peeled off.

What you’ll need:

A heat gun

– A putty knife

– A razor blade

– Rubbing alcohol

Step 1: Clean the surface with soap to remove oils and residue. This is important because, the less chance it has to ignite, the better.

Step 2: Use your putty knife to gently slide it under the caulk to loosen it and prepare it for removal. Be gentle! You don’t want to damage the surface it’s attached to. This will also sure that once it is hit with heat that it will come off in one piece.

Step 3: Crank up your heat gun to around 300-degrees. Any more than this and you chance melting the adhesive. Any less than this and it will take longer to work. Scrape away the caulk as you heat with your putty knife with your other hand.

Repeat on any surface until you are satisfied with your work!

For any caulk that may have been left after the job, simply wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to break it down for a few days. Then return and scrape the rest free. Vacuum up remnants.

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