Heat Guns And Wallpaper Removal go Together like PB&J

Do you have wallpaper in your home that doesn’t have that “wow” effect that you want? If you want to remove that wallpaper, there are different options that you can try:

  • You can grab pieces of wallpaper and start pulling it off manually.
  • You may angrily try to remove the remaining pieces with a scraper.
  • Using a bucket of soapy water.

Or you can eliminate annoying hours of work by using a heat gun supplied by Master Appliance.

This will be the most practical solution. The heat gun heats up to an outstanding level; increasingly higher than a hair dryer, making wallpaper a cinch to peel off.

How To Use a Heat Gun To Remove WallPaper

When using the heat gun, you do not want to burn the wallpaper– You just want to make the adhesive softer so you can remove it easily. It is recommended that you start at the bottom of the wall and then move up. Use the gun in an up and down and a left-to-right manner. Approximately 3 minutes should be long enough to make the adhesive loosen up, and then you can start peeling. As you get adjusted to doing this, you will be able to finish quicker than you imagined.

Safety Is A Priority

When you are eliminating the wallpaper, safety should always come first. You should wear your gloves to protect any glue and heat from getting on your hands. It is also recommended that you wear a mask that will cover your nose and mouth so you will not inhale any fumes. If you are choosing to get rid of your wallpaper on a nice day outside with a cool breeze, you should have your windows open so the fumes can easily blow outside.

When you are done removing the wallpaper, you can add new wallpaper or paint the wall. After you’re done, you won’t have to close your eyes because your wall will look the way you want!

Contact us if you are tired of your wallpaper, and want to purchase a heat gun that will help you safely remove it.

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